Explanatory page for sellers at the radio amateur Rally in La Louvière

Online registration is the best way to get in touch with us, because by filling out the form you give us all the information we will need for your participation in the radio amateur fair in La Louvière. We are a small team and looking for information is wasting time, on the form we have what we need.

What we provide you:
We provide you with tables in length for the number of meters ordered. As we have to organize with tables of 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8, we do not count in tables but in meters. You can also enjoy chairs and the power supply is always nearby within a radius of + -15m.
We ask you to be careful for the electrical connection because if you trigger a protection, it is not always possible to reset it quickly and perhaps other sellers are on the same protection.
We can not be held responsible for this.

Access and installation:
Please bring the document "LEISSER PASSER" which will have been sent to you by post or delivered on arrival but prepared by the organization (your number is written on it).

Saturday access:
Access is possible on Saturdays from 13h if your tables are already installed, but certainly from 14h. You can come with your car or van to the side of your table. This is done under your sole responsibility.
The access of Saturday is eliminated at 22h. the guard closes the doors until the next morning. Nobody stays in the hall that is put under alarm and under surveillance by camera.

Sunday access:
Access doors are open for vendors at 6am and you can access the hall by car until 8.30am. For 8:45 all vehicles must leave because the opening to the public is at 9am. We only accept to open to the public if the vehicles are out.

Access for the public is from 9h to 16h.

If you sell very expensive small parts like portable radios or some accessories please put them at the back of your stand to avoid theft.
We are not responsible for this.

The dismantling is done after 16h